Thornburn Ladies'
Badminton Association

Thornburn Ladies Badminton Association

Thornburn Ladies Badminton Association

Thornburn Ladies Badminton Association

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We have set up a Facebook and Instagram page, linked to this website, and plan to post photos of us playing and our news and events to raise awareness of our club and “bring it to life” to engage with potential new members.

The link to the Facebook page is:

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Treasurer’s Report 2018-2019

Treasurer’s Report
For October 2018- September 2019

This year the Club made a profit of $523.

The main details are as follows:

Match fees were higher this year at $11,780 (last year $9,528). The fees were raised to $120 person per season to cover projected costs and to recover from last years loss.

Court Hire $7,411  (last year $6,363)
Admin $594  (last year $557)
Refreshments $450   (last year $570)
Cards and Gifts $100  (last year $155)
Trophies $536 (last year $566)
Registration & Insurance Badminton Victoria  $875
Expenditure on Shuttles of $1,900 (last year $2,788)

Funds in Bank:
At the end of year the balance was $6,124.
Funds in the bank at the start of the year was $5,600

The fundraising event was once again very successful with $1,313 raised and donated to the Anti Cancer Council of Victoria.

We are hopeful that we can keep the match fees at the same as last year. $120 per season.
This will of course depend on the number of people we have playing.

Full details of our financials and comparison with previous years are available from the Secretary or can be seen here.

Note: Acrobat Reader is required to view file.

Dianne Forster