Thornburn Ladies'
Badminton Association

Thornburn Ladies Badminton Association

Thornburn Ladies Badminton Association

Thornburn Ladies Badminton Association

Jamboree 2017

Thornybirds not winners but still grinners


Winners are grinners

Peggy’s team Runners up Blue Wrens WA

Runners up Thomastown Strikers

Stress Heads

Wednesday balmy night on the party boat:

Spring Carnival theme night out:

Sunbury Tournament 31/8/2017

Section 2 ladies will be going to Sunbury for their yearly tournament on Thursday 31st August. Car pooling will be available.

Please see Cheryl to have your name put on the list and indicate if you will drive or you need a lift.

There will be a small cost – lunch included. More details will be available soon

Grand final results

The grand finals for both section were closely contested last week, with EVEREST beating SKYE in section 1, and CANARIES defeating HERONS in section 2.

The winter season starts on 27th July, teams are still being finalised and will be posted under the fixtures section when available.

Canaries, winners section 2

Everest winners section 1

Skye runners up

Herons runners up

Grand final luncheon

Grand finals and luncheon

Grand finals for both sections are being played on Thursday 29th June at 9.30am.

In section 1, Skye vs Everest

In section 2, Herons vs Canaries


Please come to support the teams, help umpire and watch the lines.

There will be a luncheon after the presentation, so remember to bring a plate.

Australia’s biggest morning tea


We raised over $1000.00 last Thursday, and we would like to thank all those who made it such a successful day. The food was fantastic and it was obviously enjoyed by all as their was very little over. A special thanks to those girls who manned the table in the morning and those in the afternoon, and those who set up the table and dismantled and cleaned up after.

The event attracted the attention of the local Senior Citizens club who indulged gratefully.

Tram boat excursion 23rd March 2017

The fabulous annual excursion is leaving from

Shed 9, Vic harbour docklands

It is opposite the Etihad stadium, the central pier that juts out into the water.

Please be there by 10.20am, and remember to have fun!

Happy New Year


Happy new year to all members old and new!

The first committee meeting was held today, and we can confirm that there is a pre season hit-up next week, 9th FEBRUARY 2017, from 10am to 2pm.

The first round of the year is on 16th February. Teams are still being finalised…