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Thornburn Ladies Badminton Association

Thornburn Ladies Badminton Association

Thornburn Ladies Badminton Association

Treasurer’s Report 2016-2017

Treasurer’s Report – Thornburn Ladies Badminton Association Inc.
For year October 2016 – October 2017

This year the Club’s efforts resulted in a virtual break even situation (- $15). Last year receipts were higher than payments by $2,237. The year before receipts were less than payments by $2120.

Factors that contributed to this result were:

  1. Match Fees per person remained the same as last years, ie, $85 per season.
  2. Match Fee Receipts were down as we had 6 teams in Section 2 in Season 2.
  3. Badminton Victoria Registration & Insurance fees were reduced to $20 per person this year which covered the costs of our annual fee to Badminton Victoria.
  4. Court Hire appears higher mainly due to last year’s being lower than normal.
  5. The cost of Shuttles this year was low compared to the last two years mainly because we did not buy as many shuttles and tried various quality shuttles.
  6. Receipts from Shuttle sales were slightly down on last years.
  7. Receipts from fill-ins was much the same as last years.
  8. Our other minor payments for refreshments, prizes, admin etc. were in total much the same as previous years.
  9. Receipts for the Tramboat outing did not cover the cost of the event.

Funds in Bank: Funds in the bank at the start of the year were $6,545. At the end of this year the Funds at the Bank were $6,530.

Fund Raising: A very successful Fund Raising was held earlier in the year where we raised $1,037.10 for the Cancer Council of Victoria.

In Summary

Taking the above into account I would expect shuttle sales to be higher next year as we purchase more shuttles and Hire of Courts to be slightly lower.

Our Revenue will depend on how many teams we have playing. However at this stage I do not see a need to increase match fees from $85 per season and we should be able to leave BV at $20 per year.

The complete details of all costs and payments made throughout the year are available from the Secretary should you like a copy.

Dianne Forster

Summary showing breakdown and comparison with previous years can be seen here.

Note: Acrobat Reader is required to view file.

Jamboree 2017

Thornybirds not winners but still grinners


Winners are grinners

Peggy’s team Runners up Blue Wrens WA

Runners up Thomastown Strikers

Stress Heads

Wednesday balmy night on the party boat:

Spring Carnival theme night out:

Sunbury Tournament 31/8/2017

Section 2 ladies will be going to Sunbury for their yearly tournament on Thursday 31st August. Car pooling will be available.

Please see Cheryl to have your name put on the list and indicate if you will drive or you need a lift.

There will be a small cost – lunch included. More details will be available soon

Grand final results

The grand finals for both section were closely contested last week, with EVEREST beating SKYE in section 1, and CANARIES defeating HERONS in section 2.

The winter season starts on 27th July, teams are still being finalised and will be posted under the fixtures section when available.

Canaries, winners section 2

Everest winners section 1

Skye runners up

Herons runners up

Grand final luncheon

Grand finals and luncheon

Grand finals for both sections are being played on Thursday 29th June at 9.30am.

In section 1, Skye vs Everest

In section 2, Herons vs Canaries


Please come to support the teams, help umpire and watch the lines.

There will be a luncheon after the presentation, so remember to bring a plate.