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Badminton Association

Thornburn Ladies Badminton Association

Thornburn Ladies Badminton Association

Thornburn Ladies Badminton Association

Treasurer’s Report October 2017 – September 2018

This year the Club made a loss of over $930.

The main details are as follows:
Match fees were up a little on last year’s at $9,528 (last year $9,209).
We had 7 teams in Section 1 and 6 Teams in Section 2.
In Season 2 the fees needed to be raised to $100 person in order to reduce the size of the end of year loss to the Club.
Receipts from sale of second hand shuttles was down a little at $110 (last year $255)
Receipts from Fill-ins was slightly up at $565 (last year $461)

Shuttles $2,788 (last year $999)
Court Hire $6,362.50 (last year $6183)
Admin $554 (last year $654)
Refreshments $570 (last year $680)
Cards and Gifts $155 (last year $462)
Trophies $566 (last year $495)
Registration & Insurance Badminton Victoria $810 each year

Funds in Bank:
Funds in the bank at the start of the year was $6,530
At the end of year the balance was $5,600.

The fundraising event was once again very successful with $1,169 raised and donated to the Anti Cancer Council of Victoria.

As you can see from the above details the main reason for our large loss this year is that we spent more on shuttles. We bought a lot more and quality shuttles than we did last year. In future we will endeavour to keep our shuttle expenditure at a more regular amount by monitoring usage and keeping a consistent amount in stock. Spending on items such as admin, cards, refreshments, and trophies were, in aggregate, similar to last year’s payments. Court Hire costs increased as we would expect every year.

Looking forward to next year we can expect the cost of our two major items, namely Court Hire and Shuttles, to go up with the cost of living. In addition it is likely that we will have a reduced number of players next season which means that we will probably need to raise the fees to cover the costs of operating the Club.

Dianne Forster

Full details of our financials and comparison with previous years are available from the Secretary or can be seen here.

Note: Acrobat Reader is required to view file.

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